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The following online calculators and tools may be of particular use for the human immunology researcher.


HIPapps perform calculations used routinely in blood sample processing and cell separation protocols.

G / RPM Converter
Converts between revolutions per minute (rpm) and relative centrifugal force (g), given centrifuge radius (cm).
Cell Concentration Calculator
Calculates the final volume of a cell suspension in order to produce a desired cell concentration.
Cell Recovery Calculator
Calculates recovery after cell separation, given the percentages of desired cells and the total nucleated cell counts in the start and enriched samples.

Online Apps

HCDM Molecule Search
A complete index of CD markers (accessible by search)
BioNumbers is a collaborative, searchable database for finding (with citations) any common biological number, such as the rate of translation of the ribosome or the number of bacteria in your gut.
Hemacytometer Calculation Tool by Current Protocols
Calculates cell concentration and viability based on cell counts obtained using a hemacytometer.

Smartphone Apps

CD Antigen Information Finder by Current Protocols
The CD Antigen Information Finder includes data on the molecular weight, family, molecular structure, cellular expression patterns, function, and biomedical usefulness of the molecule.